Makeup Sponge Applicators

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★ Precision makeup sponges expertly crafted to deliver a perfectly blended application of foundation, powder, and concealer every single time.  
★ Three unique and versatile shapes to equip you with the right tool to apply your cosmetics easily and professionally. 
★ Constructed of high quality hypoallergenic and latex-free material for a safe and worry-free application.
★ Each set contains a gourd, football, and tear drop shaped makeup sponge, all three designed for effortless application, a luxury feel, and professional performance.
★ Made for use in either a wet or dry application and comes with a sealable bag for travel and storage. 

Product Description: 

Your makeup drawer will not be complete without the three precision sponges in this set! Designed for ergonomic use and flawless blending and application, these sponges lend a professional touch to your makeup routine and are an essential tool in your beauty arsenal. 

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